Online Dating: Has It Positively and Negatively Affected Relationships Presently?

Long gone are the days when you had towriting love letters and sending emails were the norm. Gone are the days where hindrances like distance, time restraints, career demand or lack of confidence stopped us from finding true love.

With the new dating sites and apps, love has become even more accessible to attain or access even for those who wanted to give up and live with 6 dogs. However, dating in this cyber world has its benefits and disadvantages. In one way or another, it has affected and changed relationships.

It is safe to say that online dating might continue to be a dominant force in the world of relationships and love for many years to come because it is on a steady rise with more and more adults turning to online dating sites and apps to find love. However, there are some ways online dating has affected the way we do romance:

The Attitude to Relationships Has Changed

The new technology not only gives you access to many people than you usually would in the past, but it has also shown people the possibility of what can happen and how quickly it can be achieved. This is both a good and a bad thing.

Good in the sense that the restrictions of finding a partner have been narrowed and in some cases removed. This has been made possible by the fact that getting an ideal date has become more manageable, portable, convenient and less time-consuming.

However, living in a world where updating phones, statuses, cars, and anything in between has become the norm, the same kind of disposable attitude is leaking in relationships as well. That is why, when a person gets bored in their current relationship, leaving and jumping onto the next affair has been made so easy. People are no longer staying and solving their issues.

These dating apps and sites may have given us a glimpse and possibility of love but have ruined the fact that an actual relationship can only work if people are in the present. Relationships are not based on how functional or popular a site is, but instead on your mentality and attitude. It has the same effect visiting this site would affect a drug addict.

It Has Opened People To Being Educated In Love

When online dating was starting up with sites like, online dating had been made taboo. However, now they are more and more successful online communities where new relationships and friendships as well are being made.

Besides seeing all the new prospects, you could have, dating apps and site also enable you to join forums of like-minded people, have group chats and gain a wealth of knowledge while you are at it because people in those forums give you advice on dating blogs and relationships.

This is a good thing because people are finally able to recognize the essence of educating themselves and understanding some of the core values required to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. In this age, the need to find authentic, real and lasting love has been acknowledged. The best thing is the fact that online dating sites don’t discriminate age, it offers a chance of finding love to just about anyone who is looking for love.

Online Dating Has Given People Access to as Many Prospects as Possible

People this technological regime, the chances of finding a date, let along one that was suitable was limited to your work acquaintances, social life, and maybe a friend of a friend who wants to be set up on blind dates, which in most cases ended awkwardly.

However, the online dating apps and sites have given us instant contact and connection to thousands, even millions of possible matches with just a swipe of the finger or a click of a button. In this online dating world, finding a date as a singleton is no longer a Disney fantasy but a reality.

With access to many fish in the ocean, we almost have the golden key to finding love. However, this is positive and negative at the same time. Negative in the sense that you are exposed to just about anyone even the crazies, and it has made it reasonable to jump from one affair to another without having enough time to heal.

Online Dating Has NarrowedThe Playing Ground

Everyone loves a time-saving solution! However, it becomes a newfound beacon of hope when it’s coupled with the actuality of skipping the frogs and ending with your prospected prince. Online dating has made it possible to narrow down your choices and give you more compatible candidates for future dates.

The dating sites and apps have made it possible to go beyond the pretty smiling pictures and finding out precisely what, matters about the person you are interested in just by going through compatibility searches and profile. You are also able to find out if that’s the kind of person you would connect with.

The fact that you can just research and find out all you need to know about that person before investing your energy, time and emotion, has to be the best feature about online dating. We love the fact that some sites have actually thrown in psychological and scientific features and aspects of finding the person that is best suitable for you.



Online dating has opened up easier ways for people to find love, that’s inarguable. However, just like our grandparents, there is aneed for dating to happen in person for it to be successful. So while you may be enjoying communication behind your screens, it is crucial that you make a point of meeting your prospect date in person.

All in all, nothing beats the romance of meeting people in person whether in public or private and just hitting it off right away. There is a misconception in the online dating world that the more you go out with a number of people, the higher your chances of meeting your true love. Well, the undeniable truth is that love will come when it comes. So it’s entirely okay if you go on a number of dates and they fail to work, there will be that one person who steals your heart.




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