Best Guns used for Ladies Safety !!

Different type of stun guns which are best for ladies protection

With increase in on road crime, now it has become quite important to keep some or other device for yourself protection. One of them is stun gun which is easily available in market and easy to use as well. It is an electric shock device that is used for immobilizing an attacker without hurting or causing any serious injury.

Some common stun guns –

Lipstick stun gun – As the name says, this stun gun looks like a lipstick tube and in fact more than that or what you are thinking. The best surprise of this defense equipment is its element and easy to use features. A lipstick stun gun has rechargeable battery and flashlight which is built in. It is available at great price and in fact in nice colors. One of the main benefits is that it comes with lifetime warranty.

Mobile stun gun – This is the best stun gun for women as it looks like a normal cell phone, but do not work like a cell phone. A cell phone stun gun can help women in protecting themselves from any kind of mishap. There are so many options available in this type of stun gun, but if you are looking for most realistic one then go with Smartphone stun gun. It looks almost real and even has highest voltage.

Police force stun gun – This type of stun gun is more powerful and is power packed. Though, it is meant for meeting the demands of military, security professionals and police. But, nowadays it is used by women for self protection. They can be optimized for power and also have some room for storing extra batteries. Police force stun gun is mostly made with high quality components and it also come with life time warranty.

Mini stun gun – This is one of the best options that ladies can go with. Mini stun guns are so small that it can be easily carried and concealed in your purse or pocket. You can even carry them in hand and use it when you feel that you are stuck somewhere or between wrong persons. It comes with keychain which means you can attach it with key ring. There are so many sites dealing in the best small stun gun which you can visit and buy one for yourself.

What are the effects of stun gun?

The effects of the stun gun remain for sometime only. Stun gun directly keys into nervous system and dump energy into muscles. This causes loss of consciousness and balance leaving assailant confused and disoriented. One of the main things which you must keep in mind about stun gun is that it requires direct contact. The longer you will touch attacker with prongs of stun gun, the longer will remain its effects. One of the best things about flashlight stun guns is that shock does not pass from one person to another.


Thus, among so many things and gadgets available out, stun guns are getting much popular. It is best for women as it make them feel secure and confident.


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