Boyfriend Tag Questions that have never been asked !!

If you are in a relationship and you want to show to show to others how amazing your relationship is then you must take help of the 20 Interesting Boyfriend Tag Questions. These are questions which you can ask your boyfriend to see and also to show to others well your beloved knows about you or remembers events that are related to you. If in another case you are getting bored chatting about the same topics with your boyfriend then try these sets of questions which will enable you both to have a wonderful and romantic time together,

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The rule that need to be followed is pretty simple. You need to ask your boyfriend simple questions which can be funny or romantic in nature and your boyfriend will have to answer those. If you play this game in front of others then they will be able to know how strong the relationship is in between you two.

Definitely, you must have loved this manner of knowing each other. You must be now thinking what questions to ask your boyfriend. Do not worry; you are at the right place. Just continue reading and you will be able to know some of the questions which never have been asked to a boyfriend.

  1. When did we meet first and tell the name of the place?

This may be the first question that you may ask your boyfriend. Let your boyfriend answer and you will know how intricately he remembers events linked with you.

  1. When was that we first kissed?

This may be the most romantic question that you can ask. As your boy friend answers you both will be transported to the time and place where you first kissed. You will remember every details as it happened then. This answer will definitely end with another KISS.

  1. Who amongst us said I love you first?

Love and passion will be ignited after you ask this question. It is for sure that your boyfriend will be able to answer that correctly.

  1. When is the birthday of mine?

This may be the next question that can be asked to your boyfriend. He will definitely remember the date as because of the costly gift that he has to buy for you. Just joking, the reason should not be such but the answer would be right.

  1. When was that you meet my parents?

This could be the next bombshell that you can blast.

  1. What is the thing that you wish I didn’t do?

This can be the next question. A right answer will show how much he cares for you.

  1. Where did we have our first date?

It is certain that the answer should be right. The reason for the right answer being the romanticism attached with the question.

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  1. What eye color do you love for me to have?

This is the next question that can be asked.

  1. What TV show I always appear to forget?
  2. What salad dressing do I always use?

These two questions which you may ask will show you and to the others how much in detail your boyfriend knows about you.

  1. Name that food I don’t like?
  2. Ask about your favorite drink

A correct answer with these questions will make you sure that after marriage you will definitely have your loved food and drinks every day.

  1. What is the size of my shoe?
  2. What am I afraid of?

This may be the next two questions that you may ask.

  1. What’s my favorite sandwich?
  2. What would I eat every day if I could?

This again will help you to understand your boyfriend better and will enable you to know how much he loves you.

  1. What is the cereal that I love?
  2. What is the song that I like most?
  3. Name the sports team that I support?
  4. Which cake do I love to eat?

These may be the last four questions of the 20 Interesting Boyfriend Tag Questions that you can ask.

The question games for couples that keep the spark alive

If your relationship is a one that is perfect then it will never be stagnant. It will find ways to flow and be better day by day. But it is seen that most couples have the spark faded off after some years of being in a relationship. Is your position such that you have to call your friends to spend an evening as you feel bored with your love? If your situation is such then you can try these question games for couples. They will bring excitement into your life and help you to have the spark alive.

Truth or Dare

This is obviously the best question game that couples can play. This game is played by asking the question “Truth or Dare”? As you ask the question your partner has to narrate or enact a situation which speaks about the truth or which is dared. The game will bring in life into your relationship and you can spend an enjoyable time with your partner. It will also allow you to know your partner better.

Two Truth & One Lie

This is a unique question game that you can play with your partner. In this game you have to tell two truths and one lie about yourself to your partner and ask which one is the lie. Your partner has to identify which the lie is about you. This game will help you to have an enjoyable time and you will not be able to understand that dinner time has arrived. It will also help you to know how much your partner knows about you.

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True and false

This is another game which can be a very great conversation that can be initiated between you and your partner. You have to tell your partner of an event or incident in your life and ask whether it is true or false. Your partner has to identify whether that is true or false as related to your life.

Are You an X or a Y?

This is another question based game that can be played by couples. You need to ask your partner “Are you an X or a Y”, where X and Y can be animals, flowers or anything that you can think about. You partner will have to answer with a choice that he or she wants to be with you. The answers must be with reasons. This is another game that is often played and you will be able to have romanticism by selecting the options in such manner.

What can fit in A X that starts with Y?

This is another cute game that couples can play. The question should be “What can fit in a shoe box and starts with C”. The game can continue till one of you is unable to find such a word. The game can be played for a long period of time and will not make you call your friends to have an enjoyable evening.

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20 questions

This is also a question based game that can be played by couples. Over here one has to think of something and the other player who is obviously your partner has to guess that by asking 20 questions. The game can help you to bring back the romanticism that you are lacking after having the relationship for certain years.

The main purpose of these games is to have fun with your partner and have the opportunity to spend an enjoyable time together. If you wish you can stop the game at any time and discuss pertaining things that came up during the game.

So, select of from the question games for couples and have an enjoyable time.

The cutest manner in which you can announce your engagement on Social Media

Did it just happen that your better half just accepted your proposal with a strong “YES”? If this is the case then you must announce that over the Social Media. Do you know The Cutest Ways to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media? If you are in the dark then just continue reading and you will know the ways. The announcement must be special as because it gives your life a turn to the direction you want it to be. Below we discuss some of the ways that you can approach to have the cutest announcement. You can also read our earlier part on Cutest ways to Announce your Engagement on Social Media .

The cutest manner in which you can announce your engagement on Social Media

Tell the story of your journey from the time of first meeting to the YES

The best and the cutest form of announcing your engagement is to tell the story of your journey. The journey that you both took from the time you first meet to the day when everything turned YES. Capture photos and include that into the post so that it becomes lively and all can appreciate your way of expression. The pictures that you can add are like those of your better half proposing with a bunch of flowers with the engagement ring in the forefront. If is it is such that you do not have such photos you can tell your story using captions which will make your post to be one which is the cutest and appreciated.

Play with your words to make the announcement

Just saying straight that “I got engaged” does not make it that cutest. Play with your words and make the announcement. Like if you got engaged on Independence Day, then you can phrase your announcement as “Raising flag was not the only thing done today but also the ring that I wear” and it must be accompanied with the picture of your engagement ring. Another way is to add captions like “We are steady as a ROCK” with the picture of the ring of engagement.

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Enact the event another time

It is for sure that when the proposal came and the answer was yes, then you were so excited that you forgot to click a shoot. When everything settled down and you had the romantic candle lit dinner and the engagement ring, enact the moment of the proposal once more. The backdrop should be such that it has the best romanticism that you can think of. Make that picture to be your announcement for engagement.

Make a film about the event of your being engaged

Try making a film or a short video about the event. It must have everything starting from pathos, excitement, songs and obviously the climax with a happy ending. The film should be shot by one who knows a bit and photography so that it can capture the enacted play with professionalism. This will be the perfect and the cutest manner that you can announce your engagement. You will be astonished by the likes, share and comments that you start getting just after you post your post.

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Think out of the box

You must have noticed that whoever announces an engagement the picture of the ring is a must. It is not that you also have to follow that you can definitely think out of the box. You can just post a picture of your hand with the engagement ring on it holding a coffee cup saying “Does this show that I am engaged”. It will make the announcement and at the same time give you the opportunity to show the ring of engagement of yours.

Cute Couple TAG Questions

It feels good to have a person in your life whom you can spend your value time with, having great fun and love each other. It is nice to have some fun with your spouse with this couple tag questions at the same time finding out some more deep details about each other which will mostly result in finding out how deep you both know each other.

Cute Couple TAG Questions

There are many ways to show to the world how cute and vigorous your relationship is, in which asking each other some questions is one of the brilliant ways to express to people the love for each other and the charm of your love life. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at some interesting couple tag questions to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend.

List of Interesting Couple Tag Questions

If you feel bored and need something exciting to do and have a great time with your special one, then begin with the list of question below.

  1. If you have the opportunity to change only one thing in your life, what would that be and why?
  2. what did you find yourself thinking about the most?
  3. What are the things that bring you the greatest pleasure?
  4. What is your biggest accomplishment in life? Did other people help to make it happen?
  5. In what settings are you comfortable most?
  6. In your life, what are the things you look forward to each day?
  7. If you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be?
  8. What are the things would you want to change now, and why?
  9. What major regret do you have so far in your life? Is it too late to mend?
  10. Is there an attitude that seems to interfere with pursuing a big dream?
  11. What are the things that you appreciate about our relationship and why do these things seem significant?
  12. In what situations do you feel unsecured most?
  13. What would you like to do that you have not done before?
  14. Are there any further sports that you would like to try?
  15. What country would you like to visit that you haven’t visited yet?
  16. What family member did you admire most when you were a young?
  17. What activities did your parent do that you most wish he would teach you?
  18. What do you wish most you would learn from your mother?
  19. Name three things that most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them?
  20. What question about our future spending do you find hard to ask?
  21. What are your favorite things to spend money on?
  22. Who did you envy most?
  23. What talents of mine do you LOVE most?
  24. Where/when was our first date?
  25. When/where did we meet?
  26. Where/when was our first kiss?
  27. What is the thing you noticed first about me?
  28. what is your Favorite feature about me?
  29. What do we argue most about?
  30. what are my weird obsessions?

Hope Above question will be interesting !! If you have  more question, different from above one please comment we will definitely add in next part !!

Cutest ways to Announce your Engagement on Social Media

Social media is an instant network platform that allows you to reach all your friends and family at once. So, when something major happens or about to happen, something like let us say getting engaged, you have to look for the cutest, most creative way to post this exciting news with everyone. You don’t just change your relationship status on Facebook, or just tweeting about it.

Cutest ways to Announce your Engagement on Social Media

So, whether it is getting creative with a prop, caption, or looking for the perfect way to take the photo, you will need to find a fun way to share your engagement with the world. There are various ways to announce your engagement on social media inventively. Check below for a lovely engagement announcement ideas:

Hold A Sign

Whether you have a chalkboard or a markerboard, want to print something out, or buy a pre-made sign board online, this is one of the top ways to give out the notice of your engagement. Let your artistic juices run free and look for a clever way to write down the news. Hold the sign, snap a picture, and post it.

Get Creative with A Prop

Using proper recognition takes a little more creative energy, but is completely worth all those “likes” you will rack up on Instagram and Facebook. Have a first engagement announcement by snapping a picture with a cute and witty mug or even Scrabble pieces. With this idea, you can take your engagement announcement to the next level.

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Post A Ring Selfie with Him

The perfect way to post a ring selfie and make it personalized is to throw your fiancé in the background. Take a focused pic of your engagement ring and have your lover jumping, smiling, or probably holding a thumb up in the background. This way the ring will be clear and in focus, and your fiancé will be visible, but slightly blurry.  This is a unique and charming flare that will make your ring selfie much more adorable.

Snap a tableau with toys

Using a photographed arrangement of toys or action figures to send the message is a new take on engagement announcements that demonstrate the loving couple engaged in a kiss or toasting with Starbucks cups that display “Mr.” and “Mrs.” How you choose to convey the message to the people is a question of personal style. Childhood toys can be used that have to mean for both of you.

Come Up with A Witty Caption

Simplicity at its finest. Take a mental picture of you and your fiancé with the engagement ring visible and write a funny caption, maybe something like “see something new?” We love this simple engagement announcement that is fashionable and gets the exciting news out there. If you just want to post the news right away, this engagement announcement idea is quick, easy, and will permit you to post almost instantly.

Announce It On A T-Shirt

This idea takes a little bit of time but is totally worth it. There are so many shirts online that can be ordered and have friendly and funny text that speaks for itself. Or probably maybe he got you this shirt when he proposed because he knew this would be right up your alley. So, take a quick picture wearing the shirt and post away.

Hope these method help you to announce, if you have another rocking way please share with us in comment. The Author of above article is fabrizio politi .

April Fool Pranks for Boyfriend

April 1 or April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day is a day when people indulge in fooling people around them with their jokes and pranks in many countries around the world. The simplest jokes may even turn out to be super laughter. Every year people plan out new pranks for their friends, siblings and can also read our article Flirty texting games to play with your crush

April Fool Pranks for Boyfriend

Here is a list of some hilarious pranks for your partner. Mind it , they are going to work really well.

1. You can try putting poppers under the toilet seat which are available in cute boxes and look like white firecrackers. I bet you can’t even imagine that cute explosion the moment he sits on the toilet seat.

2. You can even go for a food-related joked at midnight when he is not expecting this. You can have some chocolate covered cotton balls or anything funny like thaat.

3. Mind it this one will definitely blow away his mind…how about putting his car for sale for just a day and that too at a very low price so that he will get more and more calls and get confused about the scenario. Put His Car Up For Sale.

4. For some harmless and simple laughter…simply put Googley eyes on his lunch.

5. This is something really funny, try making some changes to his phone like change the ringtone to something weird, which would really look obnoxious during work. You can put random alarms or some alert messages to irritate him the whole day.

6. Try putting some sticky message on his bum when you see him off for office. The message can be “Hit me” , “I love my bum” or other cute funny messages so that everyone who sees it will definitely laugh over and don’t forget to laugh every time you see that sticky note.

7. You ca n bring some special bedtime outfits for him and ask him to wear them before going to bed. It can some pyjamas with cartoon prints or something with holes in it or something ridiculous which will make both of you laugh in the years to come.

8. This will prove wonderful, try replacing some commonly used words with the Microsoft Autocorrect feature with something silly like replacing “the” with “April Fools”.

9. An amazing prank, if you own a second key to your spouses vehicle then simply find it on hi s workplace and try parking it somewhere else or even switching with yours.

10. Switching his drawer : Turn your husbands/boyfriends drawers around so that he is unable to get his things what he is looking for in the morning.

Try out these funny ideas to fool your partner on the April Fools day 2017 and these ideas will definitely make your day funny and full of laughter.You can read our previous post on Flirty, Naughty Texting Games to Have Fun All Night Long. So Enjoy !!


Ladies Sangeet Theme & Ideas

The Sangeet, or popularly called the ladies sangeet is the most awaited event in any wedding whether be it small scale or large scale wedding. It’s a night for absolute fun and enjoyment where everybody joins in to celebrate the joy by means of music, dance & entertainment.

                                    Ladies Sangget themes & Ideas

But it takes a lot of efforts to make this evening  as special as it can be – it takes selection of a good and entertaining theme , selection of songs according to the theme ,hours of dance practices and coordination of steps. All these when combine beautifully result into a great event.but most of all is the selection of great songs that is bound to entertain your guests. Even the trends in songs and dance styles have changed a lot but still the basic idea behind this night is to entertain the guests through electrifying songs with desi beats. This is a show where you can include dance by people of all age groups because everyone would love to express their joy with their lovely performances.

Offcourse, its a show for all therefore the Bride and Groom can have some ideas of their own to play. Below is a complete reference to the tips as  But surely the bride would love to bring out a few of your own ideas into play… well, here’s where we help!  Below are a few tips & sangeet night ideas from which you can take some inspiration!

Some Good Themes :-

The Story outline : Performing on songs to form the story of how the couple has met each other. This would serve as a descriptive theme along with some stunning performances entertaining the crowd. This could be a joint event of both the families involved or even it can be a one sided theme, depending upon the bonding of the families.Either way, everyone will have fun, which is the main purpose of a Sangeet. Since its a story form of dances you can chose songs from any era of bollywood which are best suited.

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A Slideshow : Both pictures and music are powerful enough to attract the audiences as they enhance the beauty of the performer. You can perform along with some pictures running as a slideshow in the background. This is an innovative way of presenting both the families and introducing them to the guests. All the guests can’t keep their eyes off the stage.

A Desi Themed Song & Dance :  This type of theme deends on your cultures like Punjabi , Gujrati , marwadi and so on. All the songs are selected with some desi style perfomances like Giddha , garba, ghoomar etc. To make it even more appreciable by making it a fusion of culture and bollywood so that it wouldnot sound boring.

Ladke wale v/s ladki wale : If both the families wish to celebrate the event together then there can be a competitive sangeet between the Groom’s family and the Bride’s family. This is an interesting way to catch the audience’s attention.

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The Bollywood Dance Songs : This is the simplest and most common way of doing ladies sangeet where everyone dances to their favorite beats of bollywood with extreme enthusiasm. This kind of sangeet involves maximum performances.

An Act or Professional Performance : There are multiple options available from trained classical dancers to bollywood stars. You can add such performances to the event to make it even more enjoyable and memorable.

These are some of the best themes now a days, you can chose any of them and make your event a great success.if you looking uniques ides for welcoming for the baraat ceremony check it.

How to Judge a Girl in Arranged Marriage

How much a Bollywood/Hollywood  romantic movie has inspired us, how many times we had thought of having a love marriage … the fact remains same that nearly 80% marriages in India are ‘ARRANGED MARRIAGES’.

It is to be understood that good looks, prosperous career, family fame etc are not the prime qualities that cannot make a perfect wife so look for qualities which gives you self satisfaction and contentment.

We all have to accept this fact and should be very careful while choosing the right girl for us. Here are some tips on how to judge a girl in arranged marriage.

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When you meet the girl for the first time, don’t start asking direct questions or some stereottpe ones like “what do you expect from your life partner”, etc. In fact let her feel comfortable with you so that she can open up with ease. For that you have to start off with some interesting and easy questions like asking her name or who is her favorite hero, etc.Girls love to discuss on such topics. You may be marrying this girl,so she needs be her own self while talking to you. Further when you both start feeling comfortable with each other you may move on to serious stereotype questions. Remember she wil only answer truly when she trusts you.

You can sometimes act funny to lighten her pressure abd make her smile by cracking some jokes or by telling some real life funny incodents.

MOST IMPORTANTLY.. be your own self! Being fake may drastically affect of aIl the beauty of an arranged marriage, this can be your first and last chance of meeting her so you have to leave your true impression on her. Do not hesitate woth what you are , just be confident.

Things you should remember:-

Try not to praise yourself. You may look like a hero but don’t forget it is your behaviour and thoughts that actually matter as 15 years from now your beauty will vanish. Some girls don’t like boys who showcase themselves. If she is impressed with you then will definitely get in touch with you.

Honesty is highly needed in an arranged marriage. You can not talk about everything in a single meeting so try to express those in the subsequent meetings.

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Wear usual clothes so that you get your natural look. No need to wear formal clothes.

The same thing applies to both of you, do not judge her by looks only as it will not remain same forever. Always find out her qualities and the way she is going to transform your life completely. You should check the way she carries herself , her dressing and off course her way of talking.

Don’t be very imaginative as you may not get everything you have dreamt off because this is reality and happens with all of us.

No one of us is perfect so when you see some flaws in the person then its perfectly normal. Look out for positive qualities like outline of her character, sense of humour, modesty , etiquettes, non miser attitude abd politeness.

You can also judge her by getting her views on family values, professional approach and religious views.

Also you can find out topics to discuss on chats and further dates before finalizing the decision so you have to look for topics which you both enjoyed conversing.

These are only some of the basic tips and rest depends on how sensibly and easily you can handle the situation and how potentially you judge the girl. Simply follow your instinct and don’t believe on what others say. Its the you two who have to travel along the whole life so always give it a second thought.

Good Luck!!!

First Meeting Questions & Conversation Tips in Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage can seem like a dreaded prospect and meeting the other person for the first time can be even more intimidating. What do you say to this person who is going to be your spouse? How do you start the conversation?


These are some basic questions that occur in every person’s mind when they go for a meeting with their future life partner. Needless to say, it can be frustrating to try and figure out what you have to do. In this situation my previous article will surely help you which is about what to ask in an Arrange Marriage First meeting.  Here we give you some tips and some valuable questions that you can ask your significant other. They will help you clear the air and will also help you to actually know the other person better.

For the Boy

There are a lot of things that guys should keep in mind, but these few things are an absolute no! Try and stay as far away from them as possible!

  1. Bragging

There is nothing quite as bad as a person that keeps on self-praising. Nobody really likes a person who goes on about himself endlessly. Your partner will likely end up thinking that you are too full of yourself which will surely be a negative on your part.

What you can do instead: Try a gentle approach and let her validate your accomplishments herself. Try complimenting her instead of yourself. It will work wonders!

  1. Judge

It’s never good to judge a person based on first impressions. You don’t know her state of mind or her habits or priorities.

What you can do instead: Give her some time to open up and show what she really is. She might be wearing something that’s odd for you, but she could be the perfect human inside!

  1. Dress to impress

Yes, we all like to show off our sense of fashion, but you are not supposed to go overboard. Dressing formally won’t impress the other person but is more likely to intimidate them. you can also learn few tips to impress a girl.

What you can do instead: Dress with style but try to keep it informal and cool. There are many ways that you can dress well and still look appropriate for the occasion.

  1. Hide things

It’s a big no! The girl will eventually find out about it, and it’s only going to be more of a problem to sort it out later.

What you can do instead: Be open to her and let her see what you really are. It’s going to be a lifelong partnership and for both of you to judge whether you are compatible with one another or not, it’s important that you know every aspect of the other person. You can also check our other post on what are the best question to ask a girl while chatting

For the Girl

  1. Being nosy

Nobody like you to interfere in their business and the guy won’t appreciate it either. Asking intrusive questions and invading into personal matters at such an early stage is really uncomfortable and will send of a negative vibe.

What you can do instead: Start slow with the hobbies. Learn about what they like to do in their leisure time. Try to understand their interests. Plus, don’t let the conversation be one-sided. If the other person is too shy to ask, volunteer your hobbies and interests yourself.

  1. Judging his payroll

It’s natural to assess the earnings of a person, but asking this bluntly will be very unethical and inappropriate. Don’t be too obsessed with what he earns, chances are he may be in a very good position, but still not have gotten the big break yet!

What you can do instead: Try to play around the idea of his career choice and future plans. Maybe he is planning to move countries. Ask about their goals casually. Let them try to pour it out instead of poking invasive questions at them. The point is not to make it like a job interview and take things lightly. While chatting you also need to know how to accept or responding to a compliment

What Both of you Can Do!

We all know what the traditional questions in every arranged marriage meeting are. However, before that, comes the part where you make the other person comfortable. Remember that the other person is likely to be just as nervous as you are. Those blushes and failed attempts at starting a conversation are all because you are just as intimidating to them at the time, as they are to you. A good conversation starter can be a compliment. You don’t have to be cheesy, but appreciating the little things about their house for instance, or how considerate it was for their parents to set up a meeting, can get you off to a flying start.

Small things like the tone of your voice and how often you smile matter a lot! This is an important thing that many would-be-couples forget. Yes, you are arranged to be married, but that doesn’t mean you have to convert a pleasant dinner into an interview, or even worse, an inquisition. Be gentle, strike up a conversation rather than just fling questions upon them. They don’t say that smile is the shortest distance between two people for nothing. Creating a relaxed atmosphere is the best way to actually know the other person.

There are a ton of questions that you can ask the other person when you are meeting for an arranged marriage. However, you need to set the mood for it to work. Following these tips and questions will help you create a comfortable conversation that will allow you both to know more about one another. So, give these tips a try. They are sure to help you survive and ace that first meeting!

What To Ask In An Arrange Marriage First Meeting [How to Talk]

Being nervous before an arranged marriage meeting is quite normal. As its a point where your life may change completely. Its always better to go prepared. This article basically emphasizes on different aspects of arrange marriage which you need to know beforehand.


List of steps you should follow in First Arranged Date

  1. Give a thought about your expectations – decide on your part the kind of wife you want. Several questions may come to your mind like you want housewife or a working one? Do you want a family oriented and homely wife? Do you want a wife having similar interests as you or the one with opposite preferences?
  2. Refer to the biodata- read the biodata of your potential wife atleast two or three times before meeting. This will give you a perfect picture of her personality, educational qualifications and family background. It also gives you an idea of what questions to ask like What are your hobbies? Tip – Try searching for him/her on Facebook, or on Twitter. It will give you more details about his lifestyle and likings.
  1. Respect for family- respecting the family members is very important. This may vary from family to family. Like in Hindus we take blessings from elders by touching their feet.
  2. Keep nervousness apart and smile – both of you are nervous so make her comfortable and calm by smiling.
  3. Ask simple questions first – you should ask simple questions first like asking her name and then proceeding for some serious questions. This will make her relaxed and she will be able to answer the questions more calmly.
  4. Seeking her opinion on arranged marriage – Ask her if she is interested in doing an arranged marriage or a love marriage. This happens with most girls that they have family pressure to meet a guy. Make her feel comfortable so that she can open up and tell the truth.

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  5. Ask her preferences – ask her whether she prefers to be a housewufe or a working woman or she is able to manage in both the roles.
  6. Also ask her whether she likes a joint family or a nuclear family.
  7. You can also discuss her religious faiths if it matters in the marriage.
  8. Discuss about each others hobbies like the interesting ones and the irritating ones too. Many girls say that they don’t like smokers.
  9. Ask the girl about her whether she is flexible enough to change in the years to come like compromising herself for the family, switching easily between the roles of a housewife or a businesswoman.
  10. Clearing her about the type of clothing your family prefers – girls ask freely how free the family is in terms if clothes. Being honest will help you a lot. So tell her thoroughly about what to wear at home , at social functions and outings.

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  11. Discussing your income – girls often go to asking how much do you earn. Answer her truly about your income whether it is a fixed amount or profit percentage.Tell her whether its a business or a job.
  12. Never ask her about past affairs or relationships as a lot of girls have a past and they repent for their mistakes so don’t investigate the past details.
  13. Be clear while explaining the duties you expect from her like those related to your grandparents or parents who need special care if they are having some health issues.
  14. Don’t make the conversation on sided. Learn to listen first and speak where required.
  15. Don’t give your agreement in the first meeting instead you should go for two or three good meetings before disclosing the final decision.A lot of girls hide the truth in the first meeting and may open up in the subsequent meetings.
  16. Discuss with family about your views about her and your family’s views before finalizing the marriage.
  17. Request your families for proper privacy so that you two are comfortable while talking to each other.

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These are some important points that should not be neglected. Hope this article will prove useful for all eligible bachelors.

Good Luck!!!